RNG producer instrumental in BC flood cleanup

Renewable natural gas (RNG) producer EverGen has been working in close partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment and the City of Abbotsford to support the area around Abbostford, B.C., in clean-up efforts by processing organic waste generated by catastrophic November flooding.

EverGen’s composting and organic processing facility, Net Zero Waste Abbotsford (NZWA) located at Gladwin Road, Abbotsford, was one of few that remained open following the flood. This is due in large part to efforts by site staff who managed the floodwaters and helped NZWA stay operational.

The NZWA facility was ultimately responsible for the disposal and clean-up of approximately 90% of the livestock waste generated by the flood. The processing of organic waste has been conducted in compliance with permits, produces top quality organic soil products and does not generate odour.

Fraser Valley Biogas (FVB) located at Interprovincial Hwy, Abbotsford, EverGen’s anaerobic digester facility, closed down due to an evacuation order in the surrounding area. Staff from FVB supported the team at NZWA as they invested extra time to extend operating hours and do everything possible to support the region.

“First and foremost, all of our thoughts are with those who were impacted by the flood,” said Chase Edgelow, CEO of EverGen.

“This was a massive effort on the part of our staff, and we are grateful to them for showing strength and a commitment to supporting our local communities. We are very proud to be part of the agricultural community with both NZWA and FVB facilities located in the heart of the Valley farming area, which allows us to serve farmers in the Valley and be a key component of the agricultural community while respecting the integrity of agricultural land.”

EverGen says it will continue to support Ministry of Agriculture, the City of Abbotsford and the local community in clean-up efforts in the coming weeks and months.

EverGen acquires, develops, builds, owns and operates a portfolio of Renewable Natural Gas, waste to energy, and related infrastructure projects. EverGen is focused on British Columbia, with continued growth expected across other regions in North America.