Republic Services signs up for 50 electric collection trucks

McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing has received the first order for its Volterra ZSL electric refuse collection vehicle from Republic Services.

The Volterra ZSL electric refuse collection vehicle is able to perform a full day of collection on a single charge.

McNeilus will initially build 50 vehicles for them, with delivery starting in June 2024.

The deal more than doubles the number of electric refuse collection vehicles from any manufacturer operating in the field today.

The purpose‐built electric refuse collection vehicle (eRCV) will be produced in a new, facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, with the compaction assemblies manufactured at McNeilus headquarters in Minnesota.

The Volterra ZSL is certified zero emission by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The CARB certifications also satisfy the zero‐emissions vehicle reporting requirements needed to comply with Advanced Clean Truck regulations now in effect in eight states.

“As the operator of one of the nation’s largest fleets, Republic Services is uniquely positioned to advance decarbonization through our commitment to electrification,” said Brett Rogers, Republic Services vice president of operations technology.

“We are leading the industry with the first McNeilus order and on track for half of our new truck purchases to be electric by 2028. We believe these electric vehicles will benefit our drivers through advanced safety and ergonomic features, and benefit the communities we serve through reduced emissions and quieter operation.”

Republic Services worked with McNeilus’s engineering team regarding operational, safety and ergonomic features for the vehicle. The truck is designed from the ground up to offer customers like Republic Services a single OEM electric vehicle solution.

All systems and functions are designed to work together and purpose‐built for tough refuse collection environments – from the compaction components to the battery management system to the on‐board telematics and active safety systems. The fully integrated custom cab and chassis set it apart from all other refuse vehicles, which require the mounting of a refuse body to a third‐party chassis.

“We are proving the value in this first‐of‐its kind fully integrated, electric refuse collection vehicle, and we are pleased to partner with Republic Services on this first order,” said Lee Dreas, vice president and general manager, McNeilus Truck and Manufacturing.

“McNeilus is committed to electrification and other innovations to advance sustainability initiatives in communities across the country and more Volterra ZSL orders with other customers are in the pipeline.”

The Volterra ZSL zero emission RCV has 38% more space in the cab compared to the industry average, plus a sophisticated drivetrain that includes lithium‐ion batteries and an electric axle system. It will perform a full day’s refuse collection route on a single charge and is designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce noise in communities across the country, while helping customers meet their sustainability initiatives.

The ergonomically designed cab incorporates a series of features and components to optimize comfort and safety including a Direct Vision Standard 5‐star rating for visibility, as well as a 360‐degree camera and radar system to provide enhanced visibility. Easy, consistent operation is delivered in part through Oshkosh’s Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), which are offered as standard equipment and provide complete vehicle coverage.

Other features include a 15‐inch step height for ease of getting in and out of the cab, a tilt and telescoping steering wheel with integrated controls, an aligned driver workspace, heated and ventilated seats, integrated operator controls in the seat, automated full‐length sun shade, a 15‐inch touchscreen and 12‐inch cluster displays for streamlined controls, and enhanced storage areas.