Metal recycler rebrands US businesses

Four catalytic converter recyclers – PGM of Texas, Legend Smelting and Recycling, Daniel Ball Converter Recycling, and Maryland Core, Inc. – have rebranded as Elemental North America.

Elemental North America will specialize in processing and refining critical elements and returning them to circulation.

PGM acquired Legend Smelting and Recycling and Maryland Core, Inc. in 2021. In 2023 it bought Daniel Ball Converter Recycling.

“Our capabilities and our footprint in North America have grown tremendously in recent years, thanks to our partnerships with the Elemental Group and with each other,” said JR Willis, CEO of PGM of Texas. “As we take this next big step—from collecting and processing catalytic converters and other scrap, into smelting and refining the strategic metals they contain—we are excited to be doing it with one name.”

Consolidating the North American businesses under one name and logo is designed to demonstrate that customers are “engaging with the largest and most reputable auto catalyst recycler and refiner globally,” said Joel Glaser, CEO of Legend Smelting and Recycling. “By operating our own PGM refinery, Elemental North America is the first business designed and built to bring refinery-direct options to the material generators level. This approach reduces supply chain layers, empowers our customers, and significantly improves industry transparency.”

Elemental North America will continue to cooperate with the other Elemental Group companies, including Elemental Strategic Metals, which has launched a metallurgical plant in Poland to refine precious metals including the platinum, palladium, and rhodium found within catalytic converters.

“Uniting our four American companies under the Elemental brand is a natural step in developing and expanding our business,” explains Krzysztof Spyra, COO of PGM and M&A of Elemental Group. “It is also a strong signal to the market that we are not standing still, but are constantly developing, and our aspirations are still growing.”