eTracks recognizes haulers and collection sites

eTracks Tire Management Systems recently honoured outstanding Ontario businesses that play a vital role in tire recycling.

The annual awards program recognizes tire collection sites for their commitment to collecting and recycling tires within their communities, and honours haulers for their efforts in ensuring tire waste is removed from collection sites and transported to recycling facilities.

Collection Site Award of Excellence Winners

There were eight winners of the Collection Site Award of Excellence this year. These sites demonstrated outstanding performance in 2023, ensuring tires are responsibly collected and recycled, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable environment in Ontario.

The winners are:

  • Centre De Pneu Marion
  • Jim’s Auto Care
  • K-W Automotive Inc.
  • Active Green + Ross Aurora
  • Municipality of Killarney
  • Township of South Glengarry
  • Essex Windsor Waste Authority
  • Protyre

Hauler Award of Excellence Winners

Five haulers were recognized with this year’s Service Award of Excellence for their dedication to servicing the community and for ensuring used tires are collected at regular intervals and safely transported to recycling facilities.

The Winners are:

  • LJ Recycling 
  • Avrora Tire Recycling Inc
  • RC Enterprise
  • 1262378 ONTARIO INC.
  • William Day Construction Ltd.

“Tire recycling is a critical part of keeping our province clean and building a more circular economy. We work with tire manufacturers, auto-makers and importers to ensure every available used tire is collected for recycling at the end of its use. The tire collection sites in our network are a key part of this process. We greatly value the role they play in supporting sustainability across Ontario,” said Steve Meldrum, CEO of eTracks.