Nova Scotia powers up battery recycling

Call2Recycle has launched battery recycling in Nova Scotia as of July 1, 2024.

As the government-approved program, Call2Recycle will operate the province’s household battery recycling initiative under Nova Scotia’s new Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations. 

The program’s launch follows the Government of Nova Scotia’s implementation in August 2023 of new Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations, which require obligated producers to manage the end-of-life of batteries sold in the province. This makes Nova Scotia the second Atlantic province to implement comprehensive battery recycling regulations. 

“Nova Scotia is committed to environmental protection and fostering sustainable waste management practices,” said Timothy Halman, minister of environment and climate change of Nova Scotia.

“Call2Recycle’s battery recycling program directly aligns with these goals, not only by reducing waste but also by contributing to climate change mitigation and promoting a strong circular economy in our province through responsible battery recycling.”

Call2Recycle has been present in Nova Scotia through a voluntary program since 1999 and has collected and recycled over 770,000 kilograms of batteries in the province over 25 years. With the launch of the “Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!” program in Nova Scotia Call2Recycle will expand its collection network and ramp up public education efforts to raise awareness of this shared environmental effort.

The new program offers Nova Scotians greater access to recycling options for a wide range of used batteries, including single-use and rechargeable batteries weighing less than five kilograms each, as well as e-mobility batteries used in devices such as e-bikes and e-scooters.

“We are excited to introduce Nova Scotians to our Recycle Your Batteries, Canada! program,” said Joe Zenobio, president of Call2Recycle Canada.

“Through continued collaboration with the provincial government, our retail and municipal collection partners, and local communities, we are committed to providing Nova Scotia with a comprehensive program that responsibly diverts batteries from landfills. Our proven track record in other provinces positions us to significantly contribute to Nova Scotia’s environmental protection and waste reduction goals.” 

Nova Scotians can participate in the program by dropping off used batteries at “Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!” locations throughout the province, including retailers and municipal depots. To find their nearest drop-off point, residents can visit:

For more information about the Nova Scotia battery recycling program and the approved stewardship plan, please visit Call2Recycle’s Nova Scotia web page.

Call2Recycle fulfills product stewardship obligations on behalf of over 400 members, including producers of single-use and rechargeable batteries. The organization operates provincially-approved programs in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. It also functions as a registered Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) in Ontario. It offers collection and recycling services for household batteries (weighing up to five kg), as well as e-transport batteries used to power e-bikes, e-scooters, e-skateboards, hoverboards, and Electric Vehicles (EVs).