Squamish gets curbside battery recycling

Call2Recycle and the District of Squamish in British Columbia are providing residents with battery recycling. This includes the launch of a series of battery recycling initiatives in the district, including British Columbia’s first curbside collection event, beginning on June 3.

Squamish residents can recycle their household batteries (both single-use and rechargeable, up to 5 kg each) through Call2Recycle’s “Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!” curbside collection events, to be held during the weeks of June 3 and November 4.

To participate, residents can simply gather their old household batteries, place them in clear, sealable plastic bags, and then place them on top of their recycling tote on their regular garbage collection day during the designated weeks. Recycling totes will not be serviced on those dates, and will act simply to identify that the house has batteries to recycle.

The used batteries will be safely picked up and sorted by GFL Environmental Services, the District’s contracted waste collection service provider and an approved sorting partner of Call2Recycle. Batteries will then be shipped to qualified processors for recycling.

Recycling used batteries not only keeps them out of landfills but also enables the recovery of valuable materials for re-use in the manufacturing of new products, contributing to a strong circular economy.

“This collaboration marks a significant advancement in battery recycling for British Columbia,” said Kristen Romilly, regional director Western Canada, Call2Recycle.

“We greatly appreciate the District’s environmental leadership and GFL’s commitment, as this successful collaboration and expanded convenient recycling option can be used as a model to assist other municipalities across Canada in reducing battery waste and advancing the circular economy.”

The partnership between Call2Recycle, the District of Squamish, and GFL Environmental extends beyond curbside collection to include collaborative public education efforts. Residents can expect to see information about the “Recycle Your Batteries, Canada!” program through various channels, including recreation guides and bus stop advertisements. Additionally, the program will be promoted through participation in community events and media engagement, raising awareness about the importance of safe and responsible battery recycling.

“Squamish is proud to be leading the way by launching the first curbside battery collection program in British Columbia,” said Armand Hurford, mayor of Squamish.

“This initiative ensures responsible battery disposal, protects our environment, and reduces waste-related emissions. By working with Call2Recycle and GFL, we’re not just simplifying battery recycling for our residents, we’re advancing our commitment to waste reduction, a key component of our Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP).”

Call2Recycle has a longstanding presence in British Columbia, operating a provincially-approved battery stewardship program. Through its network of over 1,700 collection sites, 96% of residents have access to a convenient drop-off location within 15 kilometres of their homes. In 2023 alone, Call2Recycle recycled over 950,000 kilograms of batteries in the province, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to expanding responsible battery recycling options and increasing community awareness and engagement.

The District of Squamish is the local municipal government authority servicing a growing community with a population of 24,232 about an hour north of Vancouver.