Emergent Waste sells biochar to compost maker

Emergent Waste Solutions Inc. (EWS) has made a major sale of Biochar from its Ruby Creek Advanced Thermolysis System (ATS) Plant near Hope, British Columbia.

After evaluating a super sack of EWS Biochar, which is approximately 1,000 litres, Terra Flora Organics, has agreed to buy 40,000 litres of EWS Biochar. The Biochar will be delivered over time, with the last batch to be shipped in October 2023.

Terra Flora will use the Biochar as a key component of its compost blend. It produces soils for organic and regenerative organic growers.

EWS’s Ruby Creek plant is within a half hour trip from Terra Flora, resulting in a low carbon footprint.

“I am excited to have our first large order of the year go to Terra Flora, which is an innovative BC Company that is providing unique blends for the horticultural industry,” said Kevin Hull, CEO of Emergent Waste Solutions.

“Their products have been award-winning, and for EWS to be selected as their Biochar provider is a testament to the quality of the company’s Biochar. I expect additional significant sales to be announced in the coming months.”

EWS also said other potential buyers are evaluating the biochar product.

EWS began producing biochar at the Ruby Creek facility in June 2022. Their process converts waste materials such as MSW, plastics, biomass, and livestock waste into marketable products, such as activated carbon, carbon black, biochar, syngas, and bio-oil.