Annexair to build with biocomposites

SAINT-GERMAIN-DE-GRANTHAM, QC – Annexair will receive a repayable contribution of $3 million from Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED).

Annexair manufactures energy-efficient ventilation units and the financial assistance will help it create ventilation unit casings from biocomposites. Replacing the traditional steel casings will lead to a significant reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and enable the recovery of 30 to 60 million plastic bottles annually.

The new biocomposite casings will enable the business to get a head start on its competitors by offering an environmentally friendly product that is twice as durable as traditional products.

“We are the first in the world to make such a major shift in the HVAC industry,” said Annexair president François Lemieux.

“And above all, we are proud to help reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) through our ecological production, new reinvented factory and new biocomposite product.”

This funding will also help the business integrate its manufacturing operations into a new ultra-modern 300,000-square-foot factory.

Government of Canada support will focus more specifically on the acquisition and installation of digital equipment, enabling the creation of many jobs and attracting the next generation of high-tech workers.

Founded in 1998, Annexair specializes in manufacturing and designing high-quality energy-efficient air handling systems.  With 281 employees and $60M in sales this year, Annexair exports 99 percent of its products to the United States.