Lystek wins Cambridge, Ontario, contract

DUNDALK, Ont. & CAMBRIDGE, Ont. – Lystek International Corporation has won a contract to manage the Town of Orangeville’s annual biosolids production at the Southgate Organics Materials Recovery Centre (OMRC) located outside Dundalk, Ontario.

On April 22, 2020, the Town awarded a three-year initial term to Lystek with options for an additional two years. Under this agreement Lystek is responsible for the hauling, processing, storage, and beneficial end use of approximately 30,000 tonnes of biosolids annually at the Southgate OMRC.

Through a competitive Request for Proposal process the Town solicited experienced contractors to supply services for biosolids management for the Town’s Water Pollution Control Plant. In the past Lystek has acted as a sub-contract receiver, receiving and processing the Town’s biosolids since 2013.

This agreement builds upon the customer relationship between Orangeville and Lystek, offering the Town a single point of contact for their biosolids services and guarantees resources recovery and local beneficial use of the fertilizer.

“This Agreement provides the Town of Orangeville with long-term certainty that their biosolids will be progressively managed, with enhanced resource recovery and processing into an agricultural fertilizer for beneficial use in the region,” says  Simon Meulendyk, plant manager, Lystek Southgate OMRC.

“The Southgate OMRC has been receiving the Town’s biosolids since our Southgate facility became operational in 2013. This latest contract is a validation that we have offered first rate services in the past and are growing as a regional leader in biosolids management solutions.”

Since opening in 2013 the Lystek Southgate OMRC has received and processed over 550,000 tonnes of biosolids. The OMRC utilizes the patented low-pressure Thermal Hydrolysis Process (LystekTHP) to convert biosolids and other organic materials LysteGro fertilizer. Servicing over thirty municipalities and private generators in Ontario with cost-effective, advanced resource recovery solutions, the Southgate OMRC has proven its value to the wastewater community.

LysteGro is registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a fertilizer and has been widely accepted as a high-nutrient product. The quality of LysteGro biofertilizer as a nutrient amendment and the facility’s comprehensive hauling and application services has driven up demand and local market value in the area surrounding Dundalk, Ontario. In 2019, the Lystek Southgate OMRC sold over 130,000 tonnes in LysteGro fertilizer to local farmers.

“The opportunity to formalize our relationship with the Town of Orangeville furthers our long-term commitment to offer advanced biosolids management solutions in the region and support local agriculture,” Meulendyk adds.