Carlsberg's non-refillable PET beer keg

If you read the news item on this in our Headline News you’ve probably already guessed what I have to say about Carlsberg and a container company announcing a non-refillable beer keg. I could hardly believe what I was reading as I went over the press release. I mean, could anything be more environmentally regressive? I think Carlsberg deserves to be seriously raked over the coals over this lousy idea.
What I found especially galling was the breezy tone of the news release, that emphasizes convenience and excellent barrier qualities, but says nothing about the environmental impact of replacing reuse and refilling with a single-use container. Even from a purely PR point of view, the company would have been advised to say it was introducing a “recyclable” container or something like that. Maybe the PR folks at the beer company should talk to their counterparts in the soft-drink industry who are canny about stuff like that (pun intended). But I don’t know if beer people talk to soft-drink people in Europe, any more than they do in Canada.
I suggest that everyone who reads this blog entry send a quick email to the contact person listed at the end of the news release and register your complaint. Unless the company can offer some incredibly persuasive argument that this is not an environmental setback (unlikely) I say that this packaging development deserves to be shamed off the market.
Here’s the contact info, followed by a quote from the news release that I thought was especially irritating, in terms of not addressing the environmental aspect. They claim to have thought this through down to the “last detail.” I guess that’s true if you’re willing to ignore the use of non-renewable resources to manufacture a large-size, voluminous throwaway package that’s expensive to deal with in the waste stream and replaces a superior re-usable one. Yeah, a little detail like that.
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“Draught Masterâ„¢ is a world innovation and is a complete concept that has been thought out down to the last detail. With Draught Masterâ„¢, the first non-refillable PET keg is launched to the market that has outstanding barrier characteristics and fully meets Carlsberg’s high quality standards for beer. Direct connection of the non-refillable PET keg to the tapping system and the integral cooling device provide maximum convenience. Other positive aspects, such as the ease of use, minimal maintenance effort, and the lightweight PET container, also contribute to the idea of convenience.”