Recyclable toothpaste tube will appeal to consumers

With Colgate’s recently announced launch of what it claims to be the first recyclable toothpaste tube on the market, Arian Bassari, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers his views on this new consumer goods news:

GlobalData’s recent survey shows that 44 percent of consumers say they prefer recyclable packaging in beauty and grooming products; so Colgate’s new ‘Smile for Good’ toothpaste in sustainable packaging could potentially shape the future of a staple household product following on from their sustainable toothbrush launch in October last year, which was made with biodegradable bamboo.

Colgate’s ongoing efforts to counter the current environmental crisis are commendable, and will influence the dynamics of the dental care market in the coming years. Colgate has further endeared itself with environmentally-conscious consumers by sharing details of the tube’s manufacturing process with industry competitors, in order to further cut down on the overall global use of non-recyclable plastics.

The product has also been certified by the vegan society, and is packaged in a HDPE tube, which is the widely recycled plastic already used in bottles.

“Appealing to vegan and sustainable consumers is more important than ever, and the transparency between brands and their consumers is becoming an integral factor in the modern market.”