Electronics Recycling Association donates in Calgary

CALGARY – The Electronic Recycling (Reusing) Association has teamed up with Calgary’s professional box lacrosse team, the Roughnecks, to bring the gift of technology to four schools and one non-profit.

The four schools receiving this donation are Thomas B. Riley School (five laptops), Crescent Heights High School (one computer and four laptops), Sir Wilfrid Laurier School (10 laptops) and Lester B Pearson (10 laptops, two projectors, and one printer). The Autism Aspergers Friendship Society received four laptops.

This is the first time these organizations have partnered to help others with refurbished laptops and computers.

“The Roughnecks are proud to participate in this event alongside the Electronic Recycling Association to provide computers to the Autism Aspergers Friendship Society and several Calgary Board of Education schools,” said Mike Board, Calgary Roughnecks general manager.

“The computers will be an essential part of everyday education for the youth of these groups and the Roughnecks are thrilled to be involved with the initiative.”

Bojan Paduh, founder and president of the Electronic Recycling (Reusing) Association added: “We are so grateful that the Calgary Roughnecks are able to join us for this partnered donation. These organizations are not only close to their hearts but also to ERA. Thank you to all involved.”

Dean Svoboda, executive director at Autism Aspergers Friendship Society of Calgary said, “We are excited to accept this donation, as the laptops will increase productivity and creative output of our AMPed (AAFS Media Productions and Educational Development) Programs. Members will use these laptops for various editing purposes, including video, audio, and graphic design. This donation will drastically improve vocational development through the means of technology and interpersonal interaction.”