Electronic Recycling Association donating laptops

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) announced a new program that will help equip families and organizations with computers throughout COVID-19.

Within the last two weeks, the ERA has seen a massive increase in online donation requests, primarily coming from families who, before COVID-19, did not own a laptop or a computer and would utilize their local libraries to gain online access for school work and other digital necessities.

With the new generated demand created by COVID-19, ERA has introduced a new program called “Lending a Lifeline by Lending a Laptop”. This program is built to help families and organizations that are in need of devices at home.

Throughout the last couple of days, ERA has seen their list of requests go from tens to hundreds in such a short period of time.

Many companies are closing their doors and having their employees work from home. The Electronic Recycling Association with this increased demand for technology will eventually run out of devices to donate.

They are encouraging as many organizations and companies as possible to send a percentage of their unwanted or used electronic devices to the nearest ERA depot. This will help aid their program and hopefully help hundreds possibly thousands of individuals in need at this time.

“We are hunkering down and waiting for the crisis to end,” said Bojan Paduh, founder and president of the ERA.

“We will ship out as many laptops as we can until we run out but eventually, we will run out. We need the help of individuals and companies throughout Canada now more than ever.”

ERA is still accepting shipments of donations and their depots are still accepting drop-offs of technology. ERA can pick up donations from essential businesses at this time only.

The Electronic Recycling Association is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 to address the growing problem of e-waste and the increasing ‘digital divide’.