New program aims to recycle golf club grips

Golf Town, a banner under the Sporting Life Group, has introduced a program to divert used golf club grips and recycle them into rubber flooring and other products.

The retailer has partnered with [Re] Waste, a specialist in hard-to-recycle materials. The collaboration will see the introduction of a nationwide golf grip recycle program called [Re] Grip Recycling, aimed at diverting approximately 900,000 golf grips from landfills each year.

The [Re] Grip Recycling initiative will see customers old golf grips re-used and converted into products that can be used in-store at Golf Town locations. Recycled golf grips will be converted into rubber flooring for store pro shops, hitting mat holders for in-store golf simulators, and cash / counter mats for point-of-purchase interactions.

The partnership and the [Re] Grip Recycling program are made possible through the participation of Golf Town’s suppliers and vendors, who have embraced an extended producer responsibility model. These partners and vendors share the financial responsibility of the recycling process, and through their involvement, support in the recycling of nearly one million golf grips each year, contributing to a more sustainable business ecosystem that extends from the supply chain to the final customer.

“We’re incredibly proud to embark on this journey with [Re] Waste and build a more sustainable golf experience for Canadians,” said Cam Munro, vice-president, business development and ESG at Golf Town / Sporting Life Group.

“The [Re] Grip Recycling program represents Golf Town’s dedication to environmentally conscious and forward-looking practices, a position that is consistent with our commitment to becoming a leader in recycling within the golf industry.”