Feds fund nine new cleantech projects

OTTAWA – The federal government has announced $24.8 million in funding for nine clean-tech small businesses across Canada.

The nine projects are receiving funding and support from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), which finds, funds and fosters technologies that advance a low-carbon economy.

The projects are:

British Columbia

  • Pani Energy – $2.8 million – Pani Energy is developing optimization tools for water treatment plants that aggregate and analyze data from different sources. This can generate significant savings for operators through reduced operational expenses (energy and chemical savings), enhanced water production rates, and extended equipment lifetime.
  • Motion Metrics International Corp. – $5.6 million – Motion Metrics is developing a machine learning and AI-based solution that optimizes ore crushing/grinding circuits. The innovations lie in the use of hyperspectral imaging sensors, 3D particle size analysis and ML algorithms to control energy-intensive mining equipment.


  • Swirltex Inc. – $1.4 million – Swirltex treats wastewater through a process using tubular   ultrafiltration membranes in combination with buoyancy manipulation of contaminants. The technology improves on conventional membrane technology, providing higher quality results with less energy consumption.
  • Modern Wellbore Solutions Ltd. – $3.4 million – Modern has developed a downhole multilateral junction for shale oil and gas producers that enables multiple lateral wells to be drilled and accessed from a single well pad, reducing drilling and the associated costs and emissions.
  • Hifi Engineering – $3.4 million – Hifi Engineering builds sensing and monitoring technology for intelligent wellbores and pipelines. Hifi develops turnkey distributed fibre optic sensing systems, hardware and visualization software focused on downhole and pipe applications.


  • Farmers Edge Inc. – $1.3 million – Farmers Edge delivers risk management solutions for farmers, retailers and other agricultural stakeholders. Since 2005, Farmers Edge has helped farmers increase their yields, maximize their revenues, reduce their costs of production and implement data-driven practices for sustainability.


  • Inmotive Inc. – $2.4 million – Inmotive has developed a novel two-speed transmission, called the Ingear, to improve the powertrain efficiency of passenger electric vehicles, thereby reducing battery energy use per mile driven. The core innovations lie in the morphing sprocket gearing mechanism, which enables a more efficient, simpler and less expensive unit.


  • Soléco Énergie Inc. – $4 million – Soléco has developed a process for converting low-value, mixed plastic waste into diesel, helping divert non-recyclable waste plastics from landfills. A key innovation is the reactor design, developed by technology partner Sweet Gazoil, that transforms liquefied plastic droplets into low-sulfur diesel and is resistant to fouling.
  • KSM Inc. – $500,000– KSM plans to be the first company to produce high-end fertilizers (potassium sulphate and potassium and magnesium sulphate) in Canada made from two abundant Canadian feedstocks