Wildfire smoke delays curbside collection

SPOKANE, Washington – Some garbage, recycling, and yard waste pickup in the City of Spokane has been delayed as the City endeavors to help protect workers in hazardous air quality conditions.

Garbage pickup done by automated trucks that allow Solid Waste Collections employees to stay inside their vehicles is proceeding normally. However, locations that require the use of smaller, rear loader trucks that require employees to load the garbage into the truck manually were not guaranteed service on Monday. The City will work to use other vehicles for pickup in these areas as much as possible.

The City restricts strenuous outdoor work by employees as much as possible when air quality dips into the hazardous range, according to the Spokane Regional Clean Air Agency’s index.  That index is available on the agency’s web site.

City crews are noting areas they were unable to access will make the collections as long as air quality conditions permit.  The City will provide updated information if hazardous air quality conditions persist.