Hamilton, Ontario, collection workers back on the job

HAMILTON, Ontario – Solid waste collection workers on Hamilton, Ontario refused work on Monday, citing concerns over their safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to a report by the Hamilton Spectator, the unionized workers were concerned about being exposed to the coronavirus living on the garbage they collect.

The city has suggested that possible changes could include putting hand sanitizer on its trucks and making more types of safety equipment available to workers.

The 55 affected members of CUPE local 5167 have since returned to work, prompting the city to alert residents that garbage collection in some areas may be delayed.

GFL is responsible for the other half of Hamilton’s garbage and recycling pickup, and is operating normally. Employees are following the public health guidelines.

Hamilton, along with other municipalities, such as Kingston, Ontario have reinforced the message that used tissues belong in the garbage, not the green bin. Hamilton also halted yard waste collection.