B.C. extends plastics consultations

VICTORIA – Because of the popularity of the CleanBC engagement about what the Province could do to ban, reduce and recycle more plastics, the Province has extended the comment period.

The engagement, which was originally scheduled to close Sept. 18, has been extended to Sept. 30, 2019.

With almost 25,000 completed surveys and more than 33,000 site visits, the plastics engagement is one of B.C.’s most popular public consultations, with comments and ideas coming in from all regions of the province.

The government says it wants to hear from as many British Columbians as possible, including those who may have missed the opportunity in the summer months.

The Province is seeking feedback on ideas aimed at reducing plastic waste, including bans and expanding recycling to include single-use items, such as cutlery and more beverage containers. People can comment on the recommendations and offer ideas about other plastic items that could be considered for future regulatory changes.

The proposed changes support the Province’s CleanBC efforts to reduce pollution and divert waste from landfills.

The consultation paper and public survey can be found online: https://cleanbc.ca/plastics.