Greentec receives nod for updated standard

Greentec has received R2v3 – the most recent standard set for the electronics industry by Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI).

Heightened documentation, data security controls, material flow management and enhanced reuse operations are all key differentiators within R2v3 that aim to reduce growing risks across the electronics industry.

Greentec is a certified information technology asset disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling company that securely destroys data, refurbishes, and recycles electronic devices. Beginning operations in 1995, the Cambridge, Ontario-based company now employs over 80 and uses proprietary technology to recover e-waste.

“The electronics industry is changing at an incredibly rapid pace, and it is the responsibility of e-waste processors to stay up to date with this evolution,” said Greentec’s compliance officer, Rebecca Herman.

“As the last line of defence during the destruction, recycling and disposal of old technology, Greentec takes our clients’ environmental and data security requirements seriously. We are thrilled to be receiving this certification and would like to thank the entire Greentec team for their hard work.”

The continuing innovation of standards for electronic processors indicates a major shift in the industry. With a focus on strict compliance, accountability and a strong emphasis on the repair and reuse of devices, there is heightened pressure to mitigate data risks, while also reducing the amount of devices in improper waste streams.

“Earning the R2v3 certification truly demonstrates Greentec’s commitment to transparency and best practices, and that should matter to everyone,” says Steven Napoli, president and CEO of The Electronics Reuse & Recycling Alliance (TERRA).

“It is not easy to achieve this level of certification as it requires third party audits and verification to demonstrate their adherence to environmental sustainability, employee safety, and data security. For organizations looking to align their e-waste needs with a third party expert, this will be critical in guiding their decision-making.”