Morawski managing circular Euro-economy promo group Reloop


Longtime Solid Waste & Recycling magazine contributor Clarissa Morawski is headed to Europe as managing director of Reloop, the first pan-Euro organization to focus on building a circular economy for the future.

Reloop launched on March 25, with a focus on waste prevention, reduction and recycling that represents industry, government, and environmental organizations at the European Union level. Morawski says Reloop aims to connect stakeholders, allow for greater information-sharing, and influence decision makers to adopt policy that works towards a circular economy, where sustainability, reuse and environmental impact become key principles.

Reloop uses a membership model aimed at producers, distributors, recyclers, academia, NGOs, trade unions, green regions and cities.

Reloop’s launch, which took place at the 5th annual European ReUse Conference in Brussels, was attended by more than 70 individuals from countries across Europe (Spain, UK, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Luxemburg, Greece, Sweden, Latvia and Netherlands, to name a few), including beverage wholesalers, environmental organizations, city representatives, and members of the Commission and European Parliament. The purpose of their coming together was to collectively consider the best approach for ensuring that reusable packaging systems become part of what’s needed to achieve the mutual goal of a circular economy.

Morawski is known in Canada for her work as a principal with CM Consulting.