Wet waste headaches? Looking for equipment that really works? Sebright Product’s High Density Extruder is the solution you are looking for!

What solutions can the Sebright High Density Extruder provide?

Up to 90% Liquid Extraction Rates. Up to 75% Volume & Weight Reductions.

Up to 50% Haul & Disposal Cost Reductions. 12 – 24 month average ROI.

Improved Sanitation – Elimination of container and equipment leakage.

Reduced Environmental Liabilities – Waste liquids removed prior to disposal.

Where can you find the Sebright High Density Extruder?

Dairy Industry Airline Catering Industry Pickle Processing Industry Casino Industry

Resort Industry Food Processing Industry Metal Processing Industry Pulp & Paper Industry

Solid Performance and a Proven Track Record – Sound too good to be true?

Call for information and/or a production demonstration:


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