1998 RCO CONFERENCE AND TRADE SHOW SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE Tuesday, October 6th 13:00-17:00Tour Program Tour 1Tour 2Tour 3Tour 4 Packaging Reuse,Depackaging and Fibre, Tire and AggregatesCorporate 3Rs, Solar Aquatics,Food ReclamationRecycling FacilitiesRecycled Composite ICI CompostingHigh Rise Recycling TechnologyPallet Production and and Plastics ManufacturingMunicipal Disposal and Diversion 17:00-19:00Reception in Trade Show Hall (Hall C) 19:00-1:00Dine-Around-Town Wednesday, October 7th 8:30-10:00OPENING PLENARY: (Leonard Cohen Hall) WELCOMING REMARKS VALUING OUR FUTURE: A RESPONSIBLE EVOLUTION Dr. William Rees, University of British Columbia 10:00-10:30Refreshment Break / Trade Show Break (Hall C) Pierre Berton 2&3 Donald Sutherland 1&2Donald Sutherland 4&5 10:30-12:00Hitting The Targets:Beverage Container RecoveryCompleting the 3Rs A Multi-Residential Challengein Canada: UnderstandingEquation: The Organics Provincial ProgramsFactor 12:00-13:30Lunch Plenary: The Honourable Norm Sterling, Ontario Minister of the Environment (Leonard Cohen Hall) 13:30-15:30Trade Show Break (Hall C) Pierre Berton 2&3Donald Sutherland 1&2Donald Sutherland 4&5 15:30-17:00Multi-Material RecyclingThe New Economics ofBreaking The Garbage Facilities: Technology,Waste ManagementBarrier: Toronto's Waste Rationalization andManagement Options Intra-Municipal Processing 19:00-1:00RCO's 20th Birthday Celebration Dinner and Party Thursday, October 8th 8:00-8:30Continental Breakfast in Trade Show Hall (Hall C) 8:30-10:00Plenary: What's Hot (Leonard Cohen Hall) 10:00-11:00Refreshment Break / Trade Show Break (Hall C) 11:00-12:30Moving Targets: Independents' Day:HHW Stewardship: Shooting For Maximum Surviving Waste IndustryOptions for Ontario DiversionConsolidation 12:30-15:00Lunch Plenary: Dr. David Suzuki, The Nature of Things (Leonard Cohen Hall)