Cyclyx brokerage will allow for diversion of additional plastics

Cyclyx International has launched a brokerage to expand the number of waste plastic streams it can handle.

Cyclyx Brokerage Services will address waste plastic streams that Cyclyx has sourced, but which are not appropriate for the previously announced Cyclyx Circularity Center, which it is establishing in the Houston, Texas, area. This plastic will be sold to other mechanical or advanced recycling customers to increase the proportion of plastic diverted from landfill.

The service applies Cyclyx’s chemical profiling of plastic capabilities in order to find recycling options for a broad array of newly diverted waste plastics from landfill. The brokerage broadens the company’s ability to deliver custom compounded feedstocks that meet a diverse set of customer needs and specific demands in the handling of complex post-use plastics.

Cyclyx adds this brokerage service to its current offerings, which include Cyclyx consortium membership, its “10to90” landfill diversion programs, chemical characterization lab for analysis of material, and the development of Cyclyx Circularity Centers to produce custom blends of post-use plastics for both mechanical and advanced recyclers.

The first circularity centre is slated for commercial start-up in 2024. The facility will be designed to produce 150,000 metric tons or 330 million pounds of plastic feedstock per year, supplying ExxonMobil and LyondellBasell advanced recycling projects as well as mechanical recycling markets.

This addition broadens Cyclyx’s scope and scale when sourcing post-use plastics to meet the emerging demand for mechanical, post-consumer recycled material and include custom compounding for plastics #1 through #7 to meet the quality and specification standards for advanced recyclers.

Implementing brokerage services when applicable will generate business opportunities for reducing landfill plastics and redirecting them to new recycling options for its highest and best use.

“The introduction of brokerage services at Cyclyx is instrumental in our pursuit to increase the recyclability of post-use plastics by allowing us to leverage our expansive network of consortium members, sourcing clients, and our ability to custom compound for both advanced and mechanical recyclers,” said Joe Vaillancourt, CEO of Cyclyx.

“As we enable the connection between plastic waste sources and our committed intermediaries — mechanical and advanced recycling offtake partners — we can facilitate a greater diversion of plastic waste from the landfill and an increase in the options for those waste plastics to be recycled.”