Too Good To Go now available in Quebec City

Too Good To Go, the app for surplus food, is now available in Québec City.

The launched in Canada in 2021. Now it is live in four cities across the country, Toronto, Vancouver, Montréal and Québec City. Since launching in Canada seven months ago, nearly 2,000 food businesses have joined the platform and have prevented a quarter of a million meals from going to waste.

The poutine scale

Canada wastes 58% of all food produced in the country, a significantly higher share than the global average of 40%. Measured in poutine, Canada would waste the equivalent of 34 billion servings of fries, gravy and cheese curds per year.

Across 17 countries, Too Good To Go saves 250,000 meals every single day. By bringing this global movement to Québec City, residents and businesses will now be able to fight climate change one bite at a time.

The connects its users to local restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores. Starting today, customers will be able to buy Surprise Bags filled with surplus foods from local partners such as: Borderon et Fils, Maison Smith, Topla, and Nihon Sushi.

Surprise bag

Food waste is unpredictable, a store may have an extra croissant one day and five extra the next. The Surprise Bag, unique to Too Good To Go, allows food sellers to only sell what would otherwise truly go to waste for a third of the original price. This surprise element also makes the experience of picking up a bag fun because there is added excitement in discovering what is inside.

In addition, Québec City holds the distinction of being the first market in Canada to launch at the university level via a partnership with Sodexo Canada, which serves students at the University of Laval.

“Too Good To Go is simple to deploy and offers an easy way to reduce food waste across our locations,” said Said Sodexo Canada general manager, Jean-William Charest. “It is so motivating to be able to communicate to our clients the amount of CO2 we saved using the program. It makes the experience positive for both the client and the operator.”

Too Good To Go gives store owners a simple way to ensure that they don’t have to throw out food that is leftover at the close of business. The app’s flexibility allows them to add more bags or change the value and the contents of the bag to meet the changing nature of surplus food waste.

The Too Good To Go app is available for iOS download in the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android.