Laval SME receives $1M in financial assistance from CED

Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions (CED) is making a $1 million repayable contribution to Pro‑Pals Industries Ltd. (Pro‑Pals).

Founded in 1978, Pro‑Pals is a Laval, Quebec-based SME that manufactures flexible plastic packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, horticultural, construction and other industries.

The funding will allow Pro-Pals to increase production capacity, competitiveness and environmental performance by expanding its facilities. The SME plans to acquire and install digital equipment for plastic production and recycling such as extruders, a cooling system, a cutting system, a sorting robot, silos, and production software.

“Our company has taken up the challenge to integrate the collection, oversorting, recycling, and reuse of post-consumer polyethylene film (#4) into its operations,” said Ludovic Leplatois, vice-president technologies and innovations at Pro‑Pals.

“This is a wonderful concrete example of what can be called the expanded responsibility of the packaging supplier. Our innovative program is called ‘La route du plastique’. We already count as proud partners the SAQ, Pelican International, Lion Electric, Airbus, and many others…. We are pleased to be totally wrapped up in our circular economy project and are looking forward to showing everyone in Quebec what can be done to manage plastic waste.”

With over 40 years of experience in the field, Pro‑Pals has built a reputation for its ability to provide innovative ideas and solutions to respond to clients’ needs for flexography and flexible packaging. The SME does not hesitate to invest in the most recent technological advances to reduce the environmental impact of its operations, including to reintegrate Category 4 used plastics into its production cycle.