Northstar Clean Energies wins investment for asphalt plant

Alberta Innovates has approved a $200,000 investment into Northstar Clean Technologies Inc.’s planned asphalt shingle reprocessing facility in Calgary.

Northstar is required to use this funding to pay for a portion of the engineering costs for its planned expanded-capacity, which was announced on March 17, 2022.

Northstar is now producing sustainable low carbon liquid asphalt through its proprietary Bitumen Extraction & Separation Technology (BEST) in Delta, B.C. at its Empower Pilot Facility. The facility reprocesses discarded single-use asphalt shingles into liquid asphalt, fiber, and aggregate, allowing these products to enter the circular economy while diverting waste landfill.

The Calgary Empower Facility is expected to build on the Empower Pilot Facility through the engineering design study that Alberta Innovates has supported through its Bioenergy Program.

“Diverting waste from landfill reduces land disturbance and GHG emissions, while also providing products consumers need” said Dr. John Zhou, Vice President, Clean Resources of Alberta Innovates.

“Technologies enabling a circular economy, advanced materials, and energy innovation are creating jobs and enhancing sustainability in Alberta.”

“The award from Alberta Innovates recognizes the value of our proprietary clean technology that can not only divert between 30,000 to 50,000 tonnes of discarded asphalt shingle waste from Calgary landfills, but can place the end products of liquid asphalt, aggregate, and fiber back into the market,” said Aidan Mills, President & CEO and Director of Northstar.

“As governments increase their focus on zero waste, Northstar is positioned to lead the transition of asphalt shingles from…landfills to repurposing in the circular economy.”

The $200,000 in funding was awarded under Alberta Innovates’ Bioenergy Program. The transaction was approved by Alberta Innovates management. The investment will be paid in accordance with agreed milestones for the project.

Northstar and Alberta Innovates have both approved the Milestone Reporting and Payment Schedule (MRP). The completed MRP is used to define the project term and project costs in the Investment Agreement.