Englobe re-hires 300 workers

QUEBEC CITY – Englobe has recalled 300 employees who were temporarily laid off at the beginning of the pandemic. The company cited the announcement of government assistance as the enabling factor in the recall.

The company will also maintain the employment of the more than 2,400 members of its team for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. This decision applies to employees across Canada, as well as in the United Kingdom and France.

“The strength of our business lies above all in the quality of our workforce—a passionate and dedicated workforce serving our customers. This decision will allow our employees and their families to get through the crisis with one less worry. This is news that makes me particularly happy under these circumstances,” said Mike Cormier, co-president of Englobe.

Certain Englobe operations have been included on the list of essential services by various governments. Field work is therefore continuing, notably in respect of the treatment of contaminated soils, organic waste management and engineering services.

All protective measures have been put in place to ensure the safety and health of these employees. Englobe wishes to salute them.

“When the crisis is over, Englobe knows it will be able to count on all of its employees. The decision to keep this team intact from now until then corresponds fully with our values. We will be ready to bounce back,” concluded Alain Robichaud, co-president of Englobe.

The company outlined the measures it is taking to ensure safe operations during the pandemic.

Engineers, designers, researchers, geologists, biologists, and other specialists, as well as administrative staff, are working remotely, communicating via VPN, Skype, and Office 365. Where necessary, staff are staying in contact with clients to keep projects moving while following official government directives to the letter.

Englobe labs have reduced their operations. It has implemented new workflows and processes, including isolated reception areas, to ensure material and sample testing continues while minimizing risk. Strict disinfection procedures are in place for all shared equipment, and employees are using dedicated workstations wherever possible.

Field staff are still at work, following advanced protocols. Staff receive emergency updates via text and a communications team is on call to issue critical updates as needed. Equipment and shared surfaces are being deep cleaned and disinfected, and workstations have been spaced more than two metres apart. Employees are also alternating break times to make sure there aren’t too many people in one place at any given time.

Englobe’s treatment facilities provide essential services in many regions, including in Quebec, Ontario and Europe. Soil and biomass treatment teams are adept at handling contaminated matter such as hazardous chemicals, fibres, and pathogens. Strict hygiene standards and protective equipment are part of the daily routine. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, the company implemented special procedures for the reception of haulage and deliveries as well as for the handling of equipment, vehicles and machinery.