New marketplace to authenticate recycled metals

Orbex has launched a marketplace for globally recognized authenticated recycled metals.

The demand for secondary metals is predicted to overtake primary metals within the next 20 years, with a market value potentially reaching up to US$500 billion by the end of 2024. Currently, 400 million tonnes of metal are recycled annually.

Despite this, there is no globally recognized, standardized authentication process to verify the origin of recycled metal and track its use through the supply chain. This prevents businesses from accurately accounting for their environmental impact in their ESG reporting. It also poses barriers for suppliers in enhancing the value of high-quality secondary metals.

Orbex, which has secured one of the largest supplies of recovered ferrous metal in North America as well as access to 2% of the global recycled aluminum and copper markets, applies a certification of origination (COO) for all secondary metal which is transacted via the new marketplace, detailing proof of provenance and origin.

Orbex develops authentication standards and processes as part of an open-source initiative at one of the most respected, independent non-profit standards bodies in the world, OASIS Open. These help businesses make responsible sourcing decisions, enhance their ESG emissions reporting, and substantiate environmental credentials to stakeholders.

These standards affect an organization’s work towards carbon goals, supply chain Greenhouse Gas Protocol regulatory frameworks – particularly Scope 3, as well as international regulatory compliance. OASIS Open’s previous work includes standards for electronic invoicing, and a standardized open interface allowing organizations to integrate biodiversity data into their software systems.

“Orbex is driving much needed change by finally bringing globally recognized standardization to an enormous market…We are proud not only to be promoting sustainable practices in sectors which are traditionally hard to abate, while offering the unique opportunity to capitalize on increased demand for environmental commodities, ensure supply chain integrity, and assist multinationals in their transition to a circular economy,” said Orbex CEO Thomas Buchar.

“Orbex is the first piece of critical trading infrastructure and will remain the original and most
trusted source for secondary metals. We’re looking forward to a future where we can offer a
wide range of authenticated environmental commodities.”

Orbex, which is backed by leading metal recycler and processor SA Recycling, has plans to
expand to other environmental commodities such as recycled plastic and organics.

With global metal production accounting for up to 7% of global GHG emissions, and recycling
metal such as aluminum saving up to 95% of the energy needed to mine and produce primary
metals, Orbex is driving change in a some of the hardest to abate sectors, including
aviation, automotive and construction. It is estimated that carbon emissions could drop by 600
megatons each year by reusing steel and aluminum scrap alone.