Vale looking for innovations in tailings recovery

Vale Base Metals has launched the Pyrrhotite Resource Recovery Innovation Challenge to facilitate and enhance recovery of valuable metals and minerals contained in pyrrhotite.

The challenge reflects a commitment to driving innovative environmental solutions with a goal to identify and accelerate development of novel approaches to process low-grade pyrrhotite tailings, the solid remnants resulting from the mineral processing of sulphide ore.

“We’re committed to safely delivering critical minerals essential for the world’s energy transition and continued sustainable economic development,” said Adam McMillan, director of research and innovation for Vale Base Metals.

“Open innovation is a key enabler that allows us to rapidly identify and trial innovative solutions that can help us unlock value from waste and we look forward to reviewing the innovative solutions this challenge inspires.”

Through this challenge, Vale Base Metals invites researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs to propose innovative technological solutions that can help to unlock value through circular mining while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Proposals will be evaluated until August 2024, with innovation laureates announced in September. Selected solutions will be awarded a prize of $25,000 CAD from Vale Base Metals. Participation in the challenge offers researchers, entrepreneurs, and organizations a chance to showcase their expertise and make a substantial impact with their technology to the future of mining.

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