Axiom Gear expanding use of recycled fishing nets

PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. – Axiom Cycling Gear, a producer of cycling accessories based in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, says their proprietary Oceanweave fabric, made from 100 per cent recycled fishing net, will be used in the construction of their entire line of cycling bags, helping to remove waste from oceans and support recycling based economies.

The goal of removing ocean waste while improving the lives of cyclists was inspired by brand manager Andrew Belson and his son’s love of marine life.

Andrew Belson, brand manager for Axiom Gear says, “My son, in tears after he seeing pictures of turtles stuck in nets, asked me, ‘Why doesn’t somebody do something about the all the nets in the ocean?’ It gave me a kick in the butt to get going on it.”

Axiom Gear is partnered with several notable Marine Advocacy groups, including the Olive Ridley Foundation, the Global Ghost Gear Initiative, and Circular Ocean, as well as local Canadian groups Coastal Champions, The Surfrider Foundation of Vancouver, and SeaSmart, supporting them in their marine cleanup efforts. These partnerships are instrumental in furthering research and development of Oceanweave  projects.

Axiom Gear has long been aware of the dangers of derelict fishing nets, or ‘Ghost Gear’ and its effects on marine ecosystems and marine-based economies around the world. Working alongside their textile manufacturer Axiom Gear developed Oceanweave from reclaimed fishing net.

Oceanweave is reliable and durable enough to be used daily by cycle-commuters worldwide, and with potential across a range of industries. For every 1,000 tonnes of Oceanweave fabric produced, up to 1,100 tonnes of nets will be eliminated. That same 1,000 tonnes will have saved an estimated 7,000 barrels of oil, and avoided 4,100 tonnes of needless CO2 emissions.

By supporting local recycling-based economies, Axiom Gear seeks to increase the demand for, and prevalence of, recycled materials in mainstream textile products across a number of industries.