AI cart recognition

A screenshot from the Eagle Vision video demonstrating how the AI system sees carts on the curb.

Eagle Vision Systems has unveiled CartSeeker, a new solution for automated curbside collection.

Developed and tested with the City of Guelph, Ontario, CartSeeker uses advances artificial intelligence (AI) Vision recognition to identify a curbside waste cart, pick it up, dump it, and replace it back on the curb without the need for drivers to manipulate a joystick. The company has made a video demonstrating how it works.

Benefits of the solution for municipalities and waste management contractors include decreased cycle time, reduced training time and increased focus on safety.

“This is one of those fortunate scenarios where its easier and simpler for the operators plus you get a cost decrease and increased safety at the same time,”  says Jan d’Ailly, VP business development at Eagle Vision

“We expect waste collection contractors to save up to eight percent on the operating costs through the use of CartSeeker,”.

As operators are no longer required to manipulate the joystick to enable cart collection, drivers’ attention and time can be focused on their surrounding environment – other vehicles, people and obstacles – to improve overall safety performance within the waste management fleet.