Expanded test centre allows separation trials

Eriez has expanded its Recycling Test Center to allow the full-scale separation trials on ferrous and nonferrous materials.

The Eriez Recycling Test Center, located at the company’s Wager Road plant in Erie, Pennsylvania, is equipped to execute tests on a wide array of materials, including zorba, twitch, zebra, zurik and other mixed shredded metals. Eriez has the resources to handle auto shredder residue (ASR), wire choppings and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic flakes contaminated with aluminum and work-hardened stainless steel. 

According to Eriez Recycling Market Manager Mike Shattuck, analyses performed at this facility are generating solutions for recyclers. 

Shattuck says that work carried out in the Recycling Test Center is helping its major recycling partners upgrade their operations, increase productivity and profitability, and improve safety.

Customers using the Eriez Recycling Test Center to improve separation efficiency include Garden Street Iron & Metal and Lakeside Auto.  

“With an assortment of top-quality Eriez recycling equipment, we can customize testing procedures based on customers’ unique material handling needs,” Shattuck says.

“After evaluating testing data and working closely with customers to understand their specific goals and challenges, we identify ideal technology solutions.” 

The testing facility houses cutting-edge recycling equipment, including multiple Eriez eddy current separators, magnetic drum separators, suspended permanent magnets and electrostatic separators, according to Shattuck.

“After lab testing, Eriez determines recovery rates which are predicated by the location of equipment in a process flow,” he says. “We follow our products into the field to ensure the successful realization of the predicted results.”