Heated LED warning lights

Truck-Lite, a global leader in LED lighting solutions for commercial vehicle applications, has introduced new warning light derivatives of its well-known Super 44® and 60® Series LED lights for municipal, construction and refuse fleets.

Additionally, heated options of both lights are also available, completing an already strong lineup of heated LED lights that now provide customers with the most comprehensive cold-weather LED lighting solution in the industry.

“We understand the rigors that municipal, construction and refuse trucks experience every day and we are committed to support these segments with enhanced products,” said Shane Brown, General Manager at Truck-Lite. “Our new Super 44 and 60 Series warning lights ensure customers in these severe service vocations can outfit the entirety of their trucks with the quality and durability of Truck-Lite.”

The redesigned Super 44 warning light is a 4” round LED light that now features eight diodes while maintaining its signature “pentastar” look, a symbol of Truck-Lite’s long commitment to providing quality products that commercial vehicle customers trust.

The new Super 44 warning light contains 76 percent fewer diodes when compared with the previous Super 40 model. The improved 60 Series warning light is a 6” oval design that also features only 8 diodes, a 70 percent reduction compared to that of the previous model.

The efficient design of both lights delivers focused brightness and meets SAE J595 Class 1 standards — the highest available performance class. Both warning lights are offered in red and amber options— both of which flash in dual and quad patterns.

Heated Feature

Both the Super 44 and 60 Series warning lights are also available as heated lamps. These lights utilize self-regulating heating technology to continuously warm the lamps— safely reducing snow and ice buildup on fixtures that may lead to poor visibility for drivers operating in the Northern United States and Canada where below-freezing conditions exist for more than a third of the year.

The heated design is built with an extra epoxy layer to fight corrosion from moisture beyond snow and ice — an essential feature for the harsh conditions in which waste and municipality fleets operate.

“As Truck-Lite improved these products, our focus remained on ensuring the durability and reliability our customers expect from us,” said Chris Ross, Vice President of Engineering at Truck-Lite. “When our communities rely on their municipal and refuse services, these drivers can rely on us to deliver the products that help complete essential services without failure — especially in cold weather.”