High-volume screening

West Salem machinery’s (WSM) Disc Screens are for high volume screening applications. The design reduces installed cost while the low speed, smooth operation eliminates the need for special support structures or foundations.   

Modular side sheets and centrally located lubrication station allow for quick and easy maintenance access. Solid, large-diameter shaft assemblies contribute to a long operating life. The rotor design is self-cleaning and low maintenance. 

Standard and optional features include various disc profiles to meet specific application needs, orientation rolls to provide tight disc spacing on initial rotors to transition infeed material on to the main screen area, anti-jam control to detect jam-ups though current sensing on the drive motor with controls to reverse automatically, and top covers for dust control. 

From hog fuel to wood chips, bark to board furnish, urban wood to RDF (refuse derived fuel) – these units deliver field-proven performance and reliable, low maintenance operation to provide superior in screening technology.