Magnetic separation of stainless steel

Industrial Magnetics Inc. now offers a magnetic separation pulley and conveyor system for the automated separation of weakly-magnetic stainless steel from a waste stream, eliminating the need to recover this work-hardened material by hand.

The Javelin Magnetic Stainless Separation Conveyor and the Magnetic Stainless Separation Pulley magnet are designed to attract and hold low grade, weakly magnetic stainless-steel scrap in applications such as electronic scrap, wire chopping lines, and auto shredder residue.

IMI’s Javelin brand manager, Jason Miller, explains, “In its pure form, 300 grade stainless steel has virtually no magnetic potential. However, after it has been cold-worked or shredded, the potential increases to the point where it can be held by a very strong magnet. Additionally, as many of the other grades of stainless steel possess magnetic potential in their natural state, they too are susceptible to magnetic attraction.”

Offered as an all-in-one conveyor unit, or as a stand-alone head pulley that can be integrated into existing conveyor systems, the units are available in several standard strength and width configurations ranging from 36” – 80”. Custom strengths and widths are also available to fit the unique needs of an application.