New Toter cart from recycled resin

Toter has introduced EVR-Green, a 100% recycled cart body.

Manufactured with a variety of recycled materials and entirely without the use of virgin resin, Toter touts the all-new, two-wheeled cart as the first and only fully recycled cart body and fully recyclable cart on the market.

EVR-Green is built with Toter’s Advanced Rotational Molding process, and passes the same testing as the brand’s traditional EVR carts. The roto-molded design takes advantage of EVR-Green’s impact strength and performance, while eliminating the weakness and brittleness associated with injection-molded waste receptacles. 

In addition to a 12-year warranty, the seamless EVR-Green cart offers a greener environmental footprint than competitors.

Advantages of the EVR-Green include its unique UV-stable, stress-free and zero pressure single-piece design, consistent wall thickness, and resistance against corrosion and chemicals.

The cart, which will also include material upcycled from old carts, will initially be available in black. It will have features such as Rugged Rim, sealed stop bar journals and granite finish.

“Toter’s 100% recycled EVR-Green cart body is a sustainability game-changer for the waste collection industry,” said Nick Daddabbo, Toter’s director of product management.

“We have been hard at work to develop a cart that will uphold the quality buyers rely on from our brand while providing a product they can feel good about using.” 

Created as part of Project25, Toter’s commitment to sustainable practices and products, the EVR-Green is a part of the brand’s larger effort to lead the charge and set the standard in toughness and sustainability. EVR-Green is suitable for municipalities, residential users, commercial or industrial facilities, and waste haulers.

In addition to the 100% recycled cart body, the EVR-Green’s lids and wheels will also initially contain recycled content, as the Toter team works to also offer these in fully recycled form in the near future. 

The EVR-Green cart is now available for purchase.