Predictive AI for fleet maintenance

Fleet maintenance software provider Pitstop has formed a partnership with Diesel Laptops, a provider of diesel diagnostic software, equipment, and services. This collaboration integrates Diesel Laptops’s Truck Fault Code API into Pitstop’s AI-predictive analytics platform.

Pitstop was founded in 2015 by Shiva Bhardwaj, who was inspired by his experiences in his father’s repair shop. It uses AI and machine learning to predict vehicle failures and maintenance needs in real time.

The integration with Diesel Laptops enriches Pitstop’s algorithms, providing users with access to more fault code information, repair documents, wiring diagrams, labour time guides, and related parts information. This partnership not only enhances the efficiency of maintenance teams by saving an average of 10 hours per week in diagnostic time, but also improves the overall user experience by facilitating a deeper understanding of vehicle issues before they reach the shop.

Tyler Robertson, CEO/Founder of Diesel Laptops, commented on the partnership, saying, “This partnership is about helping technicians be more efficient. By combining the repair information from our Diesel Repair platform with Pitstop’s AI software, it’s going to allow technicians to find an entirely new level of efficiency. This is another step forward to solving a massive problem in our industry.”

Bhardwaj expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Pitstop’s AI-powered fleet maintenance software predicts and identifies issues while vehicles are out on the road and on duty. By partnering with Diesel Laptops to get to the root cause of failure before the vehicle enters the shop, our customers can save precious time, a scarce resource these days. We are thrilled to be working with Diesel Laptops to bring the future of fleet maintenance to today’s world.”