Rear-load refuse truck

Amrep has released a new rear-load refuse truck. The new arrival from the Wastequip family brand is the only rear-load equipped with Hardox AR500 and AR450 steel body.

Ideal for East Coast weather and terrain, the all-new rear-load design requires less maintenance – a benefit that can potentially save on operating costs over the year.

The popular rear load design makes it easy for crews to load by hand, providing the flexibility to sort through content when needed, and avoid contamination of recycled material. This kind of versatility is useful for haulers navigating narrow streets and alleyways like those found in older cities and neighborhoods.

“The demand for rear load trucks has been consistent for many years now,” said Rob Strange, director of refuse body sales for Amrep across North America.

“This type of truck provides great benefit to many haulers, and we’re proud to offer the engineering and technology we’ve implemented in our new product.”

Regular maintenance is crucial to any vehicle’s longevity, and occasional breakdowns are part of life for hard-working trucks. With the Amrep rear load truck, haulers receive parts, service, maintenance, and repair, through Wastequip WRX and Wastebuilt.

Amrep continues to offer finance options for companies of all sizes – from independent operators to national haulers.