Smart wireless temperature monitoring system

Tel-Tru Manufacturing Company, a leader in temperature measurement solutions, proudly unveils the Remo-Tel Smart Wireless Temperature Monitoring System. This latest technology will revolutionize the composting industry with advanced automation and data-driven decision capabilities.
Designed to streamline temperature data logging, the Remo-Tel system provides predictive analysis and informed decision-making.

Key Features Include:

  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive automated temperature notifications via phone, text, or email, ensuring proactive response to any deviations of the composting process.
  • Cloud Integration: Temperature readings automatically upload to the cloud with precise date and time stamps
  • Remote Data Access: Use intuitive dashboard to view and download temperature data 24/7 for regulatory reporting and in-depth analysis
  • User-Friendly Installation: Install without the need for complex software packages, minimizing downtime during implementation
  • Cellular-Based System: Operate without reliance on a network connection, minimizing cyber risks and offering unparalleled flexibility in monitoring
  • Built-In Battery Backup: A built-in battery backup sends alerts if primary battery is drained, and remains operational for up to 48 hours.