Software platform designed to meet operational and regulatory needs in waste management

Diversys, which provides software solutions for waste management, has launched a platform designed to address waste management.

Diversys’ SaaS solution is designed to meet waste management challenges such as stringent regulatory requirements and operational inefficiencies to the complexities of data management and the pressing need for sustainable practices.

“Diversys is committed to transforming the waste management industry by providing a solution that not only addresses the operational and regulatory challenges but also empowers organizations to achieve their sustainability goals,”  said Roger Barlow, CEO of Diversys.

“Our platform embodies the vision of ‘Powering A World Without Waste,’ driving innovation and efficiency in every aspect of resource recovery.”

The Diversys software offers:
• Regulatory Compliance: Simplifies adherence to federal and provincial waste management regulations, ensuring timely and accurate reporting.
• Operational Efficiency: Enhances the efficiency of resource recovery, sorting, and disposal processes, reducing operational costs.
• Data Management: Delivers data analytics and reporting tools, enabling better decision-making and performance tracking.
• Sustainability: Supports organizations in achieving sustainability targets by optimizing waste reduction and recycling efforts.
• Stakeholder Collaboration: Facilitates effective communication and collaboration among government agencies, waste management companies, in-field participants such as collectors, haulers, processors and remanufacturers, and other stakeholders.
• Future Proofing: Diversys helps to prepare organizations for the future of waste and resource management, leveraging best-practices from stewardships.