Stellar introduces new hooklift

Stellar Industries, which builds mechanic trucks, cranes, tire service trucks, hooklifts, trailers and service truck and van accessories has introduced a new NXT40 Hooklift. 

This strong but lightweight unit is capable of loading, unloading, and dumping various truck bodies. The NXT40 is the latest telescopic hooklift in the NXT Series and features a Z-channel base design and a universal body latching system.

Completely manufactured in the U.S., the NXT40 is a 40,000-lb capacity hoist, built for tandem axle chassis. The unit has a 54/61.75″ hook height and rectangular-style secondary jib. With approximately a 10.5″ lost load height, the unit provides a lower vertical centre of gravity and the ability to accommodate down to 6″ subframe heights.

As with all NXT Series hooklifts, the universal body latching system features completely flexible outside locks that can be adjusted by loosening the clamp bolts, repositioning and tightening back down. This allows the user to position the body locks in specific locations to accommodate body locks that may not be in the correct spot. The versatility of this system eliminates the need to cut locks off, re-weld or repaint.

Not only does the NXT40 have a universal latching system, but also a universal hydraulic reservoir. The reservoir can be mounted in various positions on the unit to avoid any workaround needs if there are chassis items that could interfere with the reservoir mounting.

“The glowing reception of the NXT Series has been an exciting development in the hooklift market and the NXT40 is the latest innovation to keep that momentum going,” said Tim Worman, director of product management at Stellar. “The compactness and versatility of a unit in the 40,000-lb class is a direct result of listening to our customers and providing a solution to meet their needs.”

The NXT40 will come equipped with either air controls or electronic radio remote controls for efficient operation of the hooklift. These systems offer proportional operation to allow for precise control in various situations. A feature of the NXT Series, the radio remote control, allows for unit operation in either the chassis cab or standing outside of the cab.

The new series will be introduced with the air controls and the radio remote control will be released early in 2024.