Suspended magnets

Eriez CP-20 and TP-25 Suspended Permanent Magnets are gaining recognition across a wide range of industries for their versatility and positive return-on-investment (ROI). Operators are realizing the tremendous cost-saving benefits of installing these units upstream of crushers, shredders, grinders and other expensive size reduction equipment.

According to Eriez experts, tracking studies and customer testimonials, the expense of one of these high-powered permanent magnets is easily justifiable when considering that the magnet’s price point is significantly less than the cost of downtime and repairs associated with damage to essential equipment.

Eriez suspended magnetic separators are most effective for the removal of unwanted iron from heavy burdens of bulk materials being transferred on conveyor belts.  The tramp iron removal provided by these Eriez magnets safeguards costly processing machinery and assures the purity of the product.

Chris Ramsdell, Eriez separation product manager, reports that demand for Eriez CP/TP Suspended Magnets is expanding considerably in correlation with the growing trend for mobile systems, such as mobile recycling plants and mobile aggregate processing plants.

Mobile installations

These magnets offer a powerful permanent magnetic field combined with a small installation footprint, making them ideal for mobile systems. Also, the self-cleaning magnets offer hydraulic drives for installation locations where power is not readily available.

“Installation is quick and equipment protection–along with accompanying savings–is immediate,” Ramsdell says.

CP-20 Series Magnets provide a continuous and uniform magnetic field across the feed belt to remove damaging tramp iron while TP-25 Series Magnets utilize a powerful twin pole magnetic circuit to provide maximum ferrous removal at higher suspension heights.

Eriez now offers CP-20 and TP-25 Suspended Permanent Magnets as part of the company’s Quick Ship program.

Models in the line are available in both self-cleaning and manual cleaning designs. Manual clean magnets include a drawer type stripper plate and cable sling suspension. All models are simple to install and require no power, keeping operating costs low with no interruptions in service.