Interchange Recycling adds location in BC

Arjun ESSO in Armstrong has received a grant from Interchange Recycling, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the collection and recycling of used motor oil, oil filters, oil containers, used antifreeze and antifreeze containers in British Columbia.

The grant will provide a 20-foot modified sea container, 2,200 litre used oil storage tank and 1,000 litre IBC storage container for antifreeze, ensuring the responsible collection and storage of returned used oil and antifreeze materials.

“After 20 years, we changed our organization’s name from BC Used Oil Management Association to Interchange Recycling as it better reflects of business, members and future,” said David Lawes, CEO, Interchange Recycling.

“This is the very first Interchange Recycling branded seacan that has been delivered to a facility and we look forward to collaborating with more businesses and industries under our new name to achieve better environmental outcomes for everyone.” 

Formed in 2003 under the British Columbia Society Act, Interchange Recycling has provided British Columbians with a free, and eco-friendly way to recycle program materials for the past two decades. More than 99& of British Columbians currently have reasonable access to recycling locations. 

“This upgraded facility will decrease the pollution that can be caused by improper disposal of used oil and antifreeze materials and it’s great to see Interchange Recycling reaching more British Columbians through their facilities and grant programs,” said Darren Murray, Environmental Coordinator Regional District North Okanagan. 

Since 2003, Interchange Recycling has collected more than 880 million litres of used oil, 100 million used oil filters, and 26 million litres of antifreeze (they started collecting antifreeze in 2011).

Oil recycled at one of Interchange Recycling’s dedicated public recycling centres can be recovered and re-used. Used oil can be re-refined into new lubricating oil or material inputs for manufacturing or energy products.

Additionally, used oil filters contain metal, which is recycled into metal products like rebar, nails, and wire. Used oil and antifreeze containers are recycled and used to manufacture new oil containers, drainage tiles, and parking curbs. Used antifreeze is refined and reused as new automotive antifreeze.