Northstar’s Calgary shingle plant up and running

Northstar Clean Technologies Inc. has received the first delivery of manufacturing waste shingles to its planned asphalt shingle reprocessing facility in Calgary, the Empower Calgary Facility.

The load is part of a five-year supply agreement with IKO Industries Ltd., an asphalt shingle manufacturer. The IKO agreement was previously announced on January 8, 2024.

Northstar will be paid a tipping fee by IKO on a per tonne basis for the waste shingles, the company’s first revenue from the Empower Calgary Facility.

This first delivery from IKO is part of Northstar’s broader 2024 shingle collection plan. Northstar will continue to work with other shingle supply partners to collect sufficient volume for the commissioning of the Empower Calgary Facility.

“This feedstock delivery, the first of the year and the first of the five-year agreement with IKO, is significant because it represents the first revenue for our Empower Calgary Facility,” said Aidan Mills, president and CEO and director of Northstar. “

We expect to continue receiving shingles from IKO and other Calgary area shingle supply sources as we gradually build up inventory for commissioning and future processing for the Empower Calgary Facility.”

Northstar has developed a proprietary design process for extracting the liquid asphalt for use in new hot mix asphalt, shingle manufacturing and asphalt flat roof systems, and aggregate and fibre for use in construction products and other industrial applications from discarded asphalt shingles, otherwise destined for landfills.