Sanexen wins funding for fine residues recycling

MONTREAL – Sanexen Environmental Services Inc.has received financial support from Recyc-Quebec for a project to recycle and reclaim gypsum residues and fine residues from the CRD (construction, renovation and demolition) sector.

As the Quebec Residual Materials Management Policy calls for fine residues to no longer be buried in landfills, CRD debris sorting centres are facing challenges. Sanexen’s project will work towards a solution to recycle and reclaim the fine materials, which would then prevent the burial of over 90 percent of fine residues from CRD debris sorting centres.

Phase 1 of the project would transform fine residues into materials that could be reclaimed using a treatment process Sanexen is developing.

“This is the first technologically and economically viable solution that will result in less than 10 percent of CRD fine residues ending up in the landfill at the end of this large-scale, one-year project,” said Martin Bureau, vice-president, innovation, Sanexen.

This is the first project in Quebec that will be able to trace residual materials coming directly from the source of production (CRD debris sorting centres) to a reclamation centre dedicated to processing this material. This traceability is part of Sanexen’s commitment to transparent and environmentally responsible management of these residual materials.

This initiative will also help define what can actually be considered fine residue as opposed to waste and the type of fine residues that may be reclaimed. A more thorough definition of fine residue that can be reclaimed will also help refine possible markets for this material.

“This innovative project will help the whole CRD debris recycling industry make great strides as it is a key matter for Quebec,” concluded Éric Sauvageau, executive vice-president, Sanexen.

Sanexen Environmental Services Inc. is a Logistec company that has been operating for the past 35 years. Sanexen provides Site Remediation, Major Projects, Infrastructure, and Soil and Materials Management and Water Technology to industrial, municipal and governmental clients and partners.