Waterloo projects get funding boost from feds

Six University of Waterloo research projects will share a new grant of $15.8 million to identify solutions to environmental challenges.

Funded through the Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF), the research supports building sustainable net-zero emissions in Canada by 2050.

The research stemming from Waterloo’s projects will advance and extend existing collaborations among stakeholders, including municipal and community organizations, academic and federal science partners, researchers and trainees, to support climate change innovation and knowledge transfer.

The projects funded by CAAF are:

Can-Peat: Canada’s peatlands as nature-based solutions to climate change: Maria Strack, Geography and Environmental Management

Measuring and Monitoring City and Municipal Level GHG Emissions Mitigation Effectiveness: Amelia Clarke, School of Environment, Enterprise and Development

Mitigation of methane emission hot-spots from municipal landfills: Laura Hug, Biology

Residential Development Impact Scorecard for the Environment (RISE): Michael Drescher, School of Planning

Robust Decision Making Using Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways For Direct Air Capture Deployment in Canada: Eric Croiset, Chemical Engineering and Vanessa Schweizer, Knowledge Integration

Solutionscapes – designing climate and water smart agricultural solutions in complex working landscapes: Nandita Basu, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

“It’s critical for us to be working toward net-zero,” said Dr. Charmaine Dean, vice president, Research and International at the University of Waterloo.

“Using established and emerging strengths in fundamental and applied research, Waterloo is pushing boundaries to accelerate the transition to a climate-resilient, low-carbon sustainable society, and advancing the sustainable use and management of space, land, water, and energy on a global scale.”

Nationally, the CAAF funding was part of Guilbeault’s $58 million announcement for research projects that will advance science and technology to combat climate change.