Ont. government helping Greenlid bring production home from China

Compostable single-use products manufacturer Greenlid is investing $14.8 million to build a new manufacturing facility in Ontario, with a $500,000 contribution from the Ontario government.

Greenlid is an Ontario company that produces compostable products, primarily one-time-use items such as plates, bowls, coffee cups, and lids. Currently, its manufacturing is done in China.

Greenlid will build a 60,000 square foot facility in Dundalk, Ontario, and bring production and supply back to Ontario. The new facility will include all the equipment necessary for manufacturing the company’s products, as well as capacity for ongoing research and innovation.

“This investment from Greenlid is another vote of confidence in Ontario’s economy and shows there is no better place for business to grow and workers to thrive,” said premier Doug Ford. “We are thrilled to support this ‘Made In Ontario’ success story and to see Greenlid’s entire supply chain return home again.”

The government is providing the funding through the Regional Development Program’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.

Since 2019, Ontario has invested $66 million in 60 companies and organizations, like Greenlid through the Regional Development Program. These investments have supported $716 million in investment from industry and created more than 1,200 jobs.