Metro Vancouver opening new recycling centre

Metro Vancouver’s new United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre will open on March 14.

Located in Coquitlam on a 6.2 hectare site, this one-stop drop-off facility will make recycling and waste management more convenient for the region’s residents.  

The facility is at 995 United Boulevard in Coquitlam.

The facility will replace the nearby Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre, which will close at the end of the day on March 12. The Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre is on leased land that is being redeveloped as part of the Fraser Mills community.

“We are already a North American leader in waste reduction and recycling with a 64-percent diversion rate. This new facility, serving approximately 200,000 customers per year, will make it easier and more accessible to recycle all kinds of items, and will help us reach our regional goal of an 80-per-cent recycling rate,” said Jack Froese, chairman of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee.

The United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre, is three times larger than the old facility. It will provide more room to queue safely and twice as many weigh scales.

It will accept a wide range of recyclables, including:

  • Used automotive oil, antifreeze, and oil containers
  • Batteries, electronics, and light fixtures
  • Plastic containers and bags
  • Books, magazines, and other paper
  • Clothing and textiles
  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Yard trimmings and food waste
  • Gypsum
  • Glass

The United Boulevard Recycling and Waste Centre will be open 363 days a year (closed Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).

The construction budget for the new recycling and waste centre was $77.6 million, with the cost funded through tipping fees and included in Metro Vancouver’s five-year financial plan.

Metro Vancouver is responsible for waste reduction and recycling planning, solid waste regulatory framework, and the operation of solid waste facilities throughout the region and has an overarching goal to reduce waste and maximize recycling.