Waste hauler takes delivery of first Autocar DC-64R


(Photo: Autocar)

HOUSTON, Texas – Autocar has delivered its first DC-64R conventional roll-off waste truck to WCA Waste Corporation.

The company says WCA helped develop specific features and benefits during the product development process.

“The three Cs of a healthy business relationship are communication, compromise, and commitment. WCA Waste was the right partner; we learned to communicate, to compromise, and to stay committed so that trust was established and extraordinary results were created. This has been a long time coming,” announced Autocar president James Johnston.

Bill Caesar, CEO of WCA, added “It is an absolute honor to not only participate with Autocar, but to be the first owners of the DC-64R. I enjoyed every moment and appreciate how Autocar listened and took our feedback and input. It was an honor to participate at this level, and this truck is a great throwback to the tradition of Autocar.”

The waste hauler was so impressed with the truck, it recently placed a “major” new order, the company says.