Start-up to repurpose swag

SOMERVILLE, Massachusetts –A new start-up will allow companies to repurpose unused swag items.

Grossman Marketing Group has launched SwagCycle to focus on responsibly managing the lifecycle of branded merchandise. Branded merchandise, also known as “swag,” includes everything from t-shirts, bags and hats, to pens, mugs and event signage.

“When companies rebrand, get acquired, or complete a marketing campaign, many items historically have ended up in landfills. That’s bad for the environment and it’s bad for a company’s image,” said Ben Grossman, co-president of Grossman Marketing and founder of the firm’s green marketing and sustainability practice, which launched SwagCycle.

“By leveraging our proprietary network of recycling firms and charitable partners, we turn harmful decisions into helpful alternatives.”

Grossman said: “the days of tossing loads of unwanted goods into a dumpster are numbered.”

Grossman said SwagCycle offers a three-step process to address the sustainability challenges that corporations face: (1) Assess inventory of unwanted items; (2) Confirm brand guidelines; and (3) Match items with an appropriate charity or one of Grossman’s recycling partners.

“While recycling is a good option, donating to a worthy cause is the best choice,” said Grossman.

He noted that Second Chances, a SwagCycle partner, accepts donations of clothing, shoes and accessories to assist homeless and lower-income people while minimizing the amount of apparel sent to landfills.

“Often companies are happy to donate obsolete promotional products, but have a tough time coordinating this process or don’t know the right organizations to reach out to,” said Grossman.

“By vetting various charities, we ensure the right items go to the right charities to benefit the right people at the right time.”